Joel Clark


Strengthening Small Business and Communities

On Giving Back

Many of us here on this planet understand that a taking mentality is unsustainable.

In a world where greed and narcissism would seem on the surface to prevail, there exists a group of loving, giving individuals.

To all of those like minds out there I look forward to following you and working with you if the situation allows.

 A system exists that allows me to give to your causes from my profits while adding no cost to you.

When you do business with me, a percentage of the transactions goes to the charity or cause you choose.

Regardless if you have a business in home health care, construction, staffing, manufacturing or retail, your favorite charity could be benefitting. 

To find out more Just call me.

417.437.3949 or 877.531.2369

Joel Clark

Giving Back

If you are a business owner that believes in giving back to you community


If you are part of a church or organization with philanthropic intent


An individual that cares about their planet & fellow inhabitants

I would like to work with you


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