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A Strong Believer in Freedom, Equal Justice and the "American Way" which today seems to define me as an agitator...

Husband, Father & Grandfather

To many I'm a friend to a few perhaps an enemy

Believer in the Constitution of the United States and the Preamble which establishes its intent

Believer in Small Business, Fair Play & Paying it Forward

Fan of Jefferson, Washington & Harrison (George)

Gas Miser, Sustainability Advocate, Organic Gardener, Reduction & Recycling Supporter.

Lover of Experimentation & New Ideas (logical or not)

Not Quite Republican or Democrat (by today's definitions)

Socially Pretty Liberal, Financially and Politically Quite Conservative

Enjoys audio books while at work, the track or the gym.

Not social by nature but loves meeting new people, learning about them, what they do and experiences they've had

Enjoys travel, nature, biking, the beach, a good movie, going out and just having fun


Has served hundreds of hours working directly in animal shelter, homeless shelter, distribution center and disaster relief in addition to management and administration of such projects

Manned phones for various non profits

Created, hosted and maintained non profit websites

Served on various boards from the homeless coalition to the small business council

Has been an active member of various chambers of commerce

Served as Business Mentor for SCORE, SBC and privately

Changed many tires for stranded motorists, given rides and taken fuel

When idle prefers to read or pick up trash or otherwise improve himself and his environment

Some of Joel's Quote
(some varied over time some are very dated)
Please don't take offense to any particular quote. Some were conceived as a child.

'The opposite of love is not hate but I don't care"

"The patent office seems to be in charge of keeping the average American from controlling their own intellectual property"

"The tax on average Americans private property is what started the American Revolution"

"The income tax system was sold to America on the basis that an average working man would never pay it"

"Why would there every be a percentage increase in taxes? Normal economic growth creates a natural and proportional increases. Something few taxpayers enjoy."

"If the prices of meals at restaurants naturally raises with inflation why would the customary tip percentages increase?"

"Why is it that when someone gets money back from the IRS that they never paid in still call a refund?"

"Who exactly are we protecting by blocking healthcare reform? Of course lowering the cost should be the only reform"

"I wouldn't support a healthcare bill or any other bill that is so large and complex that it can be readily understood by every American Citizen.

"We more easily accept captivity in a cage we fail to see…"

"If you steal enough money from enough people you can become a great philanthropist"


"You can become a great philanthropist if you steal enough money from enough people"

"In order to become a great philanthropist you just need to steal enough money from enough people"

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Joel Clark



His father  believed that a person should learn all they are able about as many things as possible

A veterinarian by occupation, organic farmer, builder a philosopher and a poet.

Many of those that knew him considered him one of the most forward thinking individuals they'd known.

Now retired and living in Noel Missouri where he gardens, writes & experiments.

Joel's mother a teacher and school administrator spent most of her career in library science.

It seemed she knew no strangers. No matter where she traveled she knew someone. If not she knew one of their friends, relatives or had a connection of some kind.

In later years she taught at the Shanghai University of Foreign Trade and a short time at The University of Foreign Trade in Suzhou

Now retired living in Bentonville Arkansas

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